For the past four decades, Inc. has celebrated the fastest-growing companies in America through its annual Inc. 5000 list. Three years ago, we decided an additional kind of Best deserves to be recognized--one that doesn't require record revenues or market dominance. It's about being the best at making an impact, and Inc.'s annual Best in Business awards program celebrates that.

Maybe you've hired for diversity and inclusion for the first time in the history of your city. Maybe you've gone above and beyond for your customers even when it meant taking a hit to your bottom line. Or maybe you're dramatically rethinking your operations to lighten your company's environmental footprint. Whatever progress you've achieved in the last year to make the future better than it is today--whatever difference you've made on your community, your industry, the environment, or society as a whole--we want to hear about it.

You might be wondering what's in it for you. Here are just a few of the benefits from participating in the 2022 Best in Business awards.

1. Tell a bigger story about why your company does what it does.

You already know what gets you out of bed every morning, often to face unforeseen obstacles, in your journey to build something from nothing. You've found your "why," and it drives everything you do. It's likely what has helped you attract the dedicated and highly effective team of people around you that help execute your vision year after year. In the words of Simon Sinek--the author behind "Start With Why" and the insanely popular TED Talk, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action"--"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

So here's your chance to share your "why" with a much bigger audience--potential customers, partners, vendors, investors, and more.

2. Tap a broader talent pool.

Reaching a much bigger audience, of course, also means you'll be able to reach a much broader pool of talent. It's one of the things we hear about the most from honorees who have participated in our awards programs: Being featured in Inc. offers the opportunity to dramatically supercharge your recruiting game and get in front of candidates who might not otherwise discover your company.   

3. Put your industry on notice.

Best in Business is designed to highlight not just what you do in business but also how you do it. If you're raising the bar and pushing your industry to hold itself to higher standards, now's the time to seize a bigger megaphone and let the world know about it. The more people who are aware of your individual efforts to bring positive change, the greater the odds that change will spread.

4. Join a community of other inspiring leaders.

Best in Business honorees become a part of the broader Inc. community, which we frequently tap for speaking opportunities, sources for additional stories, and insight on a whole host of issues important to our audience of entrepreneurs. 

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