Originally published by Sramana Mitra on LinkedIn: Good Ideas From Around The World

During this week's roundtable, we had five entrepreneurs share their business strategies.


Up first, Jude Onyema from Orlando, Florida, pitched HOTransition. Jude is a 1Mby1M Premium member. We've been working on his hospital discharge management system business for a few months now. Jude wanted to also poll the roundtable audience on some of his patient release related assumptions. It was very interesting to see the interaction.

Speciton Biosciences

Next Andy Ragone from Delaware pitched Speciton Biosciences, a technology-based solution for addressing agricultural productivity. Andy is applying for the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) - 1Mby1M scholarship.


Then Nikkitha Shanker from Bangalore, India, pitched Shoppre.com, a service whereby non-resident Indians can shop online on Indian e-commerce sites and have their packages delivered to a PO Box in India, multiple packages consolidated, and then shipped abroad. Interesting value proposition. Makes sense.


Next Himanshu Kumar from Noida, India, pitched InterviewMi, a service whereby candiates can be interviewed by expert interviewers on video and a collection of such interviews put together as a 'video resume' so to speak. Also an interesting concept.


Last up, Vinoth Kumar from Tamilnadu, India, pitched Wi-Wallet, a FinTech concept that requires a lot of fine-tuning still.