I well remember my first pitch after launching APPCityLife. I was invited to pitch our company at VentureBeat's first mobile conference, MobileBeat 2010. Of the twenty startup companies invited to pitch at the event, ours was the only woman-owned company - and I was the only woman backstage.

That was the first day I realized just how significant the gender gap was for women entrepreneurs in technology fields.

Today, APPCityLife is focused on the massive demand for scalable mobile solutions within government, making us a part of the rapidly expanding industry of Civic and Gov Tech, and I am still keenly aware of the need for more racial and gender diversity.

While the Governing Institute reported that 78% of states report that they are taking steps to promote diversity among companies seeking government contracts, their efforts are limited by the number of women within the industry, since only about 3% of the tech startup industry are led or founded by women.

But the gender gap goes further than entrepreneurship. A new report from NCWIT (National Center for Women and Information Technology) indicates that women hold roughly one fourth of all computing jobs in the U.S., with 1% of that segment being Latina, 3% Black and 5% Asian women. Within leadership, those percentages are even less, with women making up 7% of CIO roles.

It is for this reason that I was thrilled to discover that among Onalytica's recently published list of the top 100 influencers in GovTech, the top influencer was a woman. Six women from across the globe are among the top twenty influencers - myself included. Here are the top ten women on that list - with each of their voices bringing diversity of thought, experience and ideas to the industry driving the technical innovations and civic solutions being deployed in our cities.

Karen Hunter (No. 1), Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

Patricia Williams (No. 9), Business Advisor

Noelle Knell (No. 12), Editor of GovTech News

Anne Lochoff (No. 14), Smart Cities Strategies Knowledge Aggregator

Mariana Mazzucato (No. 20), Professor in the Economics of Innovation at SPRU, University of Sussex

Honorable Judy Foote (No. 29), Minister of Public Services and Procurement

Megan Eskey (No. 30), Open Government Consultant

Alice Lipowicz (No. 32), Writer and journalist

Jacqueline Poh (No. 33), Chief Executive of Government Technology Agency of Singapore