Video Transcript

00:10 Lisa Price: I am Lisa Price. My company is called "Carol's Daughter", and I actually am Carol's daughter. My mothers name was Carol and everyone within our company refers to themselves, if you get an email from one of us, as who they are and then whose child they are. Because we're all someone's child and where we come from shapes who we are and shapes where we're going.

00:31 Price: So I started out making my own fragrances from fragrance oils and in order for fragrance to really last on your skin, you need the ancillary products, the soaps, the shower gels, the lotions, etcetera. So I started playing around in my kitchen making moisturizers. My mother encouraged me to sell at a flea market when I actually had this body butter recipe down pat and had shared it with other people in the family. I had never sold anything in my life ever, I've never worked in retail, so I don't know why that idea popped into her head, but I thought of it as a Sunday out with my family.

01:09 Price: So in 1999, I was able to get a lease for a store in Brooklyn, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, on South Elliott in DeKalb, and we still have that store today, and that was the first store that I opened up outside of my home in 1999. I then was able to get onto the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2002. It was not instant success, it was not instant cash. A lot of people think that because you go on Oprah or because you shake her hand, that as you're shaking her hand there's a wire transfer taking place and that does not happen at all.

01:50 Price: So there're times when I kind of wish that I could go backwards and get all the infrastructure stuff done first and then have done that, but I don't know because you have that saying of, "Strike while the iron is hot" and things did eventually work out, but it was a little bumpy because you focus on that first order and the first order is actually the easy one, it's the eighteenth order that's a bitch.

Published on: Aug 17, 2012