Shapeways, an on-demand 3D printing marketplace, announced today that it raised $30 million in Series C financing, led by Andreessen Horowitz, along with Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, and Lux Capital.

With the new round of funding, Shapeways said that it plans to hire more talents, build more factories around the world, and explore more 3D printing materials. The company has previously raised a little over $17 million in capital, according to The New York Times. It has also introduced new materials, such as ceramics and sterling silver, to provide more options for designers (there are now more than 30 material options available).

"When we started in 2007, very few people had even heard of 3D printing outside of the engineering and design communities. It was mainly used for prototyping," wrote Peter Weijmarshausen, co-founder and CEO of Shapeways, in his announcement. "Today, 3D printing has taken the manufacturing industry by storm and everyone is talking about this groundbreaking technology."

Chris Dixon, of Andreessen Horowitz, will reportedly join the company's executive board. In his blog, Dixon wrote: "We believe that technology is at its best when it enables human creativity. The Internet unlocked the world of bits. 3D printing is unlocking the world of atoms."

The 3D printing market is expected reach $3 billion by 2018, and it's one of Inc.'s eight best industries to start a business.