Entrepreneurship is as much about mindset as it is about skills and great ideas. In fact, in my experience there are some vital breakthroughs that have to happen before you can become truly successful.

1. There is no right time.

It's tempting to wait until the "timing is right" before starting your business. Unfortunately, the right time never really comes. It will happen when you make it happen, regardless of any obstacles in your personal life.

2. Not knowing is no thing.

There's lots of things you won't know how to do as an entrepreneur. This can be scary, but it isn't really a problem. The mindset shift here is realizing that all of the information is out there. It may be stored on the Internet, in a book, or in someone's head, but it's there, and you can find it. Everything else is just practice. Eventually, of course, you can also hire people to take on any tasks which you have no aptitude for.

3. Money is just a number.

Obviously you need money to run your business, so of course you do have to get serious about making it. However, you also can't let yourself get intimidated by large sums of money. If the idea of handling $10 million scares you, then you are likely to start sabotaging yourself and your business in order to stay in your comfort zone. A business owner that I look up to once told me, "Look at your revenue and figure out how to add a few more zeros. It's just adding zeros."

4. Setbacks are not signs.

You're bound to encounter setbacks. "Conquering setbacks" is actually your new job description. A setback is not a sign from the universe that you've made a terrible mistake. It's not a reason to quit. Instead, they are a reason to get even better at what you do.

5. It is not all about you.

When you make a business work then you will certainly deserve all of the rewards that come with your successes. However, customers can tell if your only real interest is in enriching yourself. You can't have a business if your products or services don't make other people's lives better. Focus on that first--the money will follow.

These are not the only breakthroughs you'll experience as an entrepreneur. Running a business is its own exercise in personal growth. These are just the five breakthroughs you'll have to make sooner rather than later if you want to create a viable, thriving business. Failing to make these breakthroughs means passing up on the opportunities that can take you to the next level, which is something you absolutely cannot afford to do.