A self-made entrepreneur, Daymond John knows what it means to hustle. He is a businessman and an author, and an investor on the hit reality show Shark Tank. He is the founder and CEO of FUBU, and the founder of the Shark Group.

John worked hard on his way to the top, but he always had an entrepreneurial spirit. For instance, as a teenager, John enrolled in a program that allowed him to work full time at Red Lobster and attend school on an alternating weekly basis.

Then, after high school, John began his career in entrepreneurship by starting a commuter van service. But when he recognized an unmet niche in the clothing market, he learned to sew and launched the FUBU brand out of his mother's apartment. With a keen eye for marketing, John gifted the clothing to rappers in New York, eventually getting LL Cool J to wear a FUBU hat on a Gap commercial.

Suddenly, the FUBU brand began getting orders, and it grew to be a huge success. Today, the brand has grossed over $6 billion. And guess what? John accomplished all this by going after what excited him most and listening to his gut. 

So what does Daymond John's story tell us about the path to success?

Well, for one thing, the man always knew how to hustle. From an early age, his work ethic was undeniable. And since the days of splitting time between a full-time job and attending high school, John never lost his determination. He was always on the grind.

But in addition to gaining business skills, the grind provided John with other opportunities, too. In an interview for CNBC, John talked about the grind, and how it gave him one exceptional advantage. 

Working for yourself, or being on the grind, allows you time to think for yourself. It gives you time to consider the tough questions. It gives you time to say, "What do I really want out of life?" and "Why did I get up today?"

Defining what you want in life can be a tough question. Still, there are very few questions that are more important. But unless you make time to get away from the distractions of life, you will always be reacting to life instead of creating your future.

John's point here cannot be overstated.

Unless you make a conscious effort to stop, think carefully, and make choices about your future, the world will decide for you.

And once you figure out what you want, educate yourself, work hard, and go after that goal with everything you've got.  

Here's one additional point from John about choosing your own path.

In general, everyone will have an opinion about how you should live -- your friends, society, your religion, your spouse, your kids, and your parents.

But you must make your own choices in spite of that, because that's the only way to be truly happy. And even though it can be scary to follow your dreams, deciding for yourself is the path to long-term success.

So forget what everyone else says, make a plan, and just start grinding. Success will follow.   

"You have got to find time for yourself and do exactly what you want. That is what the grind is," says John.