What are your personal goals? What kind of things do you want to achieve in your life? Maybe you want to quit your job. Or, perhaps you want to start a company because you feel you're worth more than your resume

People want to make changes on many aspects of their life. But why do so few people choose to do something about it?

I was considering this idea when I came across a post by entrepreneur, investor, and social media personality Gary Vaynerchuk. Now Gary's a unique entrepreneur - one of a kind. He's a super successful businessman, the kind of guy that shares what he thinks about life, often in a ranting style of discourse with a bunch of expletives riddled throughout his Q&A session on his podcast shows.

But Gary made a point about following your dreams that resonated with my experiences, in both business and life. The advice he gave was simple, direct, and powerful. Here's what he said:

"Stop asking for permission."

And cheers to you Gary, because I couldn't agree more.

For most of my career, I've made decisions without asking for permission.

Here are a few of the most aggressive and most successful choices I made "without permission":

  • Dropping out of college
  • Deciding I was committed to working for myself
  • Starting an online real estate company (with no experience in online business)
  • Developing an energy product and setting up a franchising business (with no prior experience in franchising)
  • Building and selling three separate companies, in three different industries, in a little over a decade

I'm not listing these decisions to brag about my success. In fact, I'm sharing this to show how unprepared I was when I began each of these ventures.

When I made these decisions, the people closest to me would NOT have given me their blessing. A few told me I was making a mistake. Others told me I was flat out crazy.  

Mostly this is what I heard when I talked to people about my ideas. 

"Logan, please think this through. You don't have the experience to take on these projects. Why don't you go work somewhere with job security, health insurance, and take good care of your family."

By talking to people, I realized early in life that not everyone shared my view of the world. However, by sticking to my gut, I was able to overcome the naysayers and choose the life I wanted.   

But if I had been worried about getting permission to act, I never would have moved forward.

Look, maybe you have no interest in entrepreneurship, or could care less about starting your own company. That's fine.

But I know there are goals you have in life. I know there are things you want to accomplish that feel out of reach. You surely desire things that require a set of knowledge and skills you have yet to attain.

But please don't give up on your dreams, because here's the truth:

  • Who you are today does not determine the person you will become.
  • You can learn nearly any skills you need to be successful in a new industry, job, or profession.
  • Your dreams are yours alone - and believe me, they're worth pursuing.
  • You don't need anyone's permission to chase and achieve your dreams.

We are here to give our best to the world. So stop asking for permission and take a step in the direction of your dream. For the only way to figure out the steps necessary is to start with a single step. 

But let me warn you, choosing your own path can be fulfilling in the most transformational of ways. Once you start living the life you want, it might change how you look at the world forever.