At certain points in life, everyone experiences fear. But as a businessperson, you must learn how to understand and cope with your fear. Better yet, you must use fear to your advantage.

Learning to overcome fear is an essential skill. You must conquer fear to push through hesitations, create companies, develop innovative products and disrupt industries.

And while we all know fear exists, most people haven't taken a deep look at the cause of fear. On one side, there are obvious biological reasons for fear, such as keeping humans alive in the face of danger. But apart from physical, bodily harm, fear can take on many other forms. For instance, psychological fears, like a fear of public speaking, can be just as paralyzing as performing an activity with great physical danger, like say, swimming with sharks.

Obviously, there are different levels of inherent danger in these activities, and yet our brain often reacts to them in the same way.

Take a moment to think about all the different kinds of non-physical fear. Maybe you have a fear of failure. Or, have you ever had a fear of being judged? You might even know someone that has a fear of success?

Fear is a complex emotion, and many of the non-physical threatening states seem closely related to anxiety. And while psychologists have attempted to find the boundaries between fear and anxiety, it remains an ongoing debate.  

But we do know one thing for sure about fear - it impacts your emotions, and this, in turn, impacts your ability to make decisions.   

So, if you are a generally fearful or anxiety-filled person, you are more likely to view life through a pessimistic lens. Fearful people consistently amplify the perception of risk too. In the long run, being fearful will stop you from experiencing life fully.

To live a great life, and succeed in business, you need to get your fear in check. And by understanding these three principles, you will be able to get a grip on your fear.

1.     Forget the Non-Physical Fears - Any consistent fears that do not protect your physical well-being should be discarded. These are anxiety driven fears that are tied to emotional damage, self-doubt or limiting beliefs. To reach your true potential, you must reduce unnecessary, emotionally-based fears.    

2.     Fear Begets More Fear - The longer your irrational fears remain, the more concrete they become in your psyche. Also, staying fearful will reduce your ability to make optimal choices. To think big and create value the world of business, you're going to need all the optimism you can get. 

3.     Release Lack Thoughts to Release Your Fear - Many emotional and anxiety driven fears are based on your belief in lack. You worry that the startup cost is too high (lack of resources available) or you worry that your too inexperienced (lack of time to develop the necessary skills). While it's good to be realistic about a new venture, you can overcome most problems if you truly want to find a solution.

Fear is a very real part of life. But the men and women who learn to push past fears will always accomplish more than those who succumb to it.