I've been running businesses for over a decade. All of which have been in the online space. I've learned there are many things you can do to increase conversion rates for your products. There are exciting developments in the future of email marketing, plus many great sales and marketing books offering inspiring and innovative ideas.

However, today I want to discuss a lesser-known, yet highly effective online sales technique - Video Sales Letters.

What is a Video Sales Letter (VSL)? In simple terms, a VSL is a sale method aimed at selling customers your product or service through the use of video. Today, companies all over the world use VSL's. Why? They do a few things better than your average sales letter such as:

• Get your message across more effectively than text or video

• Use visuals to engage and educate your audience

• Build a stronger relationship with potential customers

• Produce a higher sale rate

For most of us, generating more sales for our business is a top priority. Evidenced by companies across the world, creating an effective Video Sales Letter is a crucial component of that process.

If you're ready to expand your customer base, here are ten tips for creating effective Video Sales Letters.

1. Begin by grabbing their attention. Be clear about the major pain point you are trying to solve. Tell them specifically what you'll be offering to them during the video.

2. Create scarcity. A limited-time offer always drives more consumer engagement. A sales deadline is a smart tool to use.

3. Show the severity of the problem. Help the viewer understand why their pain point needs to be solved now.

4. Come to the rescue with the solution. Provide detailed, research-backed solutions addressing their pain point and include solutions to their set of objections. Also, her is where you'll explain the benefits and features of your solution.

5. Call-to-action 1. Tell your customer's what's next. Base this off the specific desires your product or service can fulfill. Tell them how to buy.

6. Offer your credentials as an expert. Build trust by showing stats, figures, and test cases. Help customer understand your abilities to solve their problem.

7. Provide a guarantee. By standing behind your product or service, your customers can feel secure in their purchase.

8. Call-to-action 2. After showing the benefits of the solution you're offering them, re-iterate purchase steps again.

9. Explain the alternative of not buying. Stress the problems associated with not alleviating the pain point. By this time in your VSL, the customer should be excited about trying your solution.

10. Call-to-action 3. Last chance to get the sale. You've already appealed to the customers desire and shown how our solution will logically alleviate the problem. It's time to demonstrate that choosing the solution now is the best course of action.

Video Sales Letters are an effective conversion technique. But...they will only take a company so far. You must add real value to your customers' lives to build authentic brand loyalty and customer retention. In an online world overwhelmed by average offerings, keeping the quality of your product high is essential. It is the only sure way for your company to stand out.