Jack Canfield is the originator of the Chicken Soup For the Soul books, the wildly successful series that has over 120 million copies worldwide. Canfield has also authored a number of books on the topic of personal development and success and gives speeches worldwide to business executives, entrepreneurs and sales executives on how to achieve peak performance.

If anyone has the credentials to talk about success, it’s Jack Canfield. Luckily for us, he believes in inspiring and empowering others to do the same.

The best thing about Canfield's approach - his methods are clear, concise, and easily applicable.

So, if you're feeling stuck in life, here are ten tips to get you back on track.

1.     Take 100% Responsibility for Everything in Your Life - Only by taking full responsibility for your life can you make positive changes. This approach means no finger pointing, no playing the victim, and no blaming your life on your circumstances. Forget blaming others. Instead, take action.

2.     Find a Mentor - You know the old 10,000-hour rule, well you can cut that time down by finding a mentor. By learning from people who have achieved what you desire, you can jumpstart your career progress. 

3.     Do More Than What's Expected -Don't spend time worrying about the idea that you're not getting paid enough. Instead, think about what you could be doing that would lead to an eventual increase in pay. Continue building your skills until you're invaluable. The big bucks will follow.

4.      Find Your Core Genius - Look, you're better at certain things than others. It's a fact of life. So put in time honing skills that fall into your core genius categories, and you will excel at a faster rate.

5.     Watch Your Words - Our brain and our perception of the world is drastically affected by what we tell ourselves. If you say, “There are no jobs good jobs in my city,” then you will miss a lot of great opportunities, even if they’re staring you right in the face. Words have power. Use words that support and enhance the vision at all cost.

6.     Get a Good Nights Sleep - Sounds simple, right? It is. Still, to be successful, you need to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. That is the only way to reach your level of peak performance.

7.     Change Your Thoughts -Your current mindset is what has gotten you to this point. If you desire change, you need new thought patterns. Instead of thinking about how you're not qualified for a job, think about what you need to learn to become qualified.

8.      Stick to Your Decisions - Want to see progress and change? Then make decisions in the direction of your goals and stick to them. It's much easier to accomplish your goal is you're committed to it 100%. Forget sticking your toe in to test the water. Instead, hold your breath and dive headfirst.

9.     Ask for What You Want - No one is going to give you your dreams. Whether it's a new job, a goal to start a company, or even fix the problems in your relationship, you first have to show up in life and declare your intention. Stop hiding behind your FEAR (false experiences appearing real) and go after your dream.

10.  You Must Have Faith - When you step into the unknown, the path forward will not always be clear. Still, you must go anyway, but keep the faith that the steps will reveal themselves along the way. If you walk in the direction of your dreams, you never know what doors will open along the way.

You are capable of achieving great things in life. We all are.

However, people often become trapped in their current position, hampered by unhelpful behaviors, negative thoughts and a lack of drive.

To break this cycle, you must look honestly at your life. Then identify and celebrate the things that you are already doing that are helping you achieve your goals. Finally, work hard to change the elements that are holding you back.