Let's face it. Being an entrepreneur is a difficult job.

And in this high-risk, high-reward profession, you must develop strategies to deal with stress. You must find ways to keep your energy high and reduce daily anxiety.

And if you're like me, running a business is only part of your life responsibilities. That's why finding work-life balance and keeping your body and mind feeling great is essential. This is especially true when you're trying to raise children, maintain a relationship with your spouse, and make time for friends and family.  

But for some time, I thought I was immune to these difficulties. However, earlier this year I started to feel different about my business. It wasn't fun anymore. I was exhausted all the time. I constantly felt on edge.

I call it the business burnout.

And between the diaper changing, starting two new companies, and purchasing a new house, it was hitting me hard. I was so stressed that even responding to emails became an overwhelming task. I was so exhausted that I even started falling asleep at my desk.

Honestly, it was frightening. The fatigue and the stress were paralyzing, and unfortunately, my companies were paying the price.

I had never experienced this level of burnout before, but I knew I needed to turn my situation around. So I approached the problem like I do in any other business related situation - I started to do research. I went in search of solutions.  

I looked at a bunch of options - taking more time off, outsourcing some of my work, making additional hires, practicing yoga and meditation, eating better, working out more regularly - but nothing I found was groundbreaking, and honestly, I was doing most of these things already.

Then a fellow entrepreneur said I should see his doctor. He told me that medicine, AKA, prescription pills, could be my ticket out of this funk. But taking pills was not a route I wanted to take, especially with all the recent articles about addiction to anti-depressants.

If I was going to put something in my body, I wanted it to be natural. So I began researching plant-based supplements. That's when I came across a Dr. Oz article that claimed that something called an adaptogen was a natural cure for stress. I had never heard of an adaptogen before, but I was ready to try anything.

 In the most basic sense, I learned that adaptogens are non-toxic herbs or roots that claim to reduce stress by decreasing the production of stress hormones. What's more, clinical studies on adaptogens like Ashwagandha were showing a reduction of stress by nearly 50%.

I also found out that adaptogens have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine, but the West is just now starting to catch on. Said to provide a combination of stress relief and energy, adaptogens sounded worth a shot.

So I took the leap and integrated a daily dose of adaptogens into my lifestyle. Did it work? Yes, unquestionably. I've been taking ashwagandha for months now, and I have never felt better. My stress levels are down and my energy is back on track. I feel like I've regained control of my life, and things have never been better.   

But the business world is taking note of adaptogens too. Today, many mainstream products such as drinks, coffee, and teas utilize adaptogens as major selling points. This is an interesting market shift, and part of a potential backlash from the unhealthy energy drink craze, which exploded, in the early 2000's with companies like RedBull and Monster. 

With an over-worked, over-medicated, unhealthy population, many people are looking for natural energy options. Adaptogens, taken as supplements or within other products, may play a role in driving this change.