Business cares about enterprise.

Leadership cares about people.

Entrepreneurship cares about flexibility.

Creativity cares about innovation.

What you care about defines who you are.

When you care, you want to do your very best--and that commitment and energy are a powerful force.

If you want to be successful in your confidence, business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity, be thoughtful about what you're giving your care to.

Here are 10 areas that are well worth caring about if you want to truly succeed.

1. Care about how you treat others.
The ones you're waving goodbye to on your way up just might be the ones you wave hello to on your way back down.

2. Care about your personal growth.
If you want to move confidently in the directions of your dreams and goals, invest your time and energy in your own personal growth. Learn to work harder on yourself than you do at any other job.

3. Care about your goals.
As the old saying goes, a goal without a plan is just a wish. When you care about your goals, you commit to seeing them through. People who care have clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than those people who wing it.

4. Care about scaring yourself.
Most of us avoid going to places--physical and emotional--that frighten us. But when you step into the space of fear, when you befriend fear and don't allow it to shame you, you may begin to realize that it's not as frightening as you'd thought.

5. Care about how you spend your time.
Time is free but it's a nonrenewable resource; once it's lost, you can never get it back. Care for time as you would any valuable asset.

6. Care about your thoughts.
To succeed, you need to be mindful of what thoughts you are drawn to. Your voice is the one you hear most often through the day, and what you think influences what you do.

7. Care about doing your best. 
Doing your best is more important than being your best. It is tempting in times of stress and overwork to lower your standards just a little, but it is in those moments that caring about doing your best is most important.

8. Care about those who have helped you along the way.
Think about the people who have guided, supported, coached, and mentored you along the way. When was the last time you expressed your appreciation?

9. Care about your own happiness.
Success is not the same thing as happiness, but happiness can help you achieve success. And the only way to attain happiness is to create it by being in the moment.

10. Care about where you are.
Where are you now in relation to where you want to be? Caring about where you are opens up a world of possibilities--it gives us the capacity for limitless thinking and dreaming.

In short, when you see any area of life where you want to make a change or discover new significance, start directing your time, energy, and attention toward that area, and then watch what happens.

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