People come to the workplace with different motivations, different personalities, different stories, different abilities. The right kind of workplace makes it easier to bring them in, keep them, and boost their effectiveness--creating a workplace that is irresistibly great.

So how do you create a irresistibly great workplace?

1. Play your part.

When people talk about great places to work, they're often talking about great leadership. So if you're in a leadership position, start by doing your job. Make sure you're moving people to act, mentoring them for growth, and guiding them toward success.

2. Check your attitude toward mistakes.

Some companies are hard on failure and unforgiving of mistakes--but the best organizations reflect an understanding that perfection is unattainable and failure can be a great teacher. They opt for messy over easy and learning over perfection. Knowing it's OK to take a risk and disclose an error without fear creates a culture that people find extremely inviting.

3. Have nothing to hide.

The best workplaces are led with transparency. Where nothing is hidden, trust flourishes. When you speak with candor, you gain credibility and model responsibility and accountability, helping build great teams.

4. Defy gravity.

Give people what they need to fly with ideas, creativity, and innovation. Empower them to do surprising things, and they'll empower your organization every day.

5. Give people what they need and stay out of the way.

It seems like a simple thing, but when people have the right tools to do their job and a minimum of administrative interference, they're ready to bring their best.

6. Create a compelling community.

In a workplace where everyone is valued, opinions are important, and relationships are pivotal, people feel open to connecting and investing in each other. Building relationships and community is the key to great collaboration.

7. Destroy the status quo.

Make "how we've always done it" a thing of the past. Leave room to back up and rethink everything, top to bottom. Show people that change and innovation are worth pursuing.

8. Model the mission.

People want to be part of something bigger than themselves, and they want to know they're working in support of of a mission that makes a difference. Stay connected to the big picture, and create opportunities to reinforce that connection for everyone.

9. Celebrate pivotal moments.

Whether it's an individual goal met, a team achievement, or an extraordinary effort in a crisis, make celebration part of your organizational culture. It brings people together and motivates them to excel.

10. Groom new leaders.

Make what you know accessible, and help those around you begin to think of themselves as leaders. Guide them out of any fears and insecurities and help them discover what they're capable of. It's a wonderful feeling for everyone.

When people love their work and their workplace, when they trust each other, when they have pride not only in what they're doing but also in what everyone is doing together, you have a workplace that is productive, effective, efficient, successful, and irresistibly great. And it's something you can start building today.