The way to learn is to learn from truths; the way to thrive is to take those truths and implement them in your own life. Here are 12 truths that will help you succeed triumphantly.

1. Embrace your mistakes and learn from them.
Mistakes happen. Don't judge yourself by your mistakes--look at them as learning lessons. No matter how smart you are, how wise you are, or what degrees you have, everyone makes mistakes. So learn to embrace them and make them worth their weight in wisdom.

2. Love what you do and create work that you love.
Find work that you love, because you will be doing it for a long time.  Perhaps more important, you want to avoid waking up one morning and wondering why you are doing something you really don't love or even like. Find something that is bigger than yourself, and love every moment and work hard at making it successful.

3. Find time for self-care and integrate balance in your life.
Invest in yourself. Most people work so hard they forget about themselves, and the people who mean the world to them. You have to set the example for yourself, take care of yourself, and integrate balance in your life.

4. Constantly seek new opportunities and embrace new ideas.
Our first impulse may be to avoid taking chances, but the only way to grow is to explore new opportunities and engage yourself in new ideas. The more you experience, the more you know and the more interesting you will be. So seek new opportunities and experiences at every place you go.

5. Focus on quality instead of quantity and know the difference.
The lure of quantity is dangerous. People think the more they have, the better off they are. But when it comes to making a great impression and making a success of yourself, the wisdom lies in the quality instead of the quantity. So narrow your focus and widen your character.

6. Always say what you mean and mean what you say.
People will never know how you feel unless you tell them what's on your mind and in your heart. You have to say what you mean and mean what you say. It is that simple.

7. Change is inevitable, so embrace it with a flexible mind and agile heart.
The bad news: Nothing is permanent. The good news: Nothing is permanent. When you go through life, you have to learn to be flexible and agile. It takes the mind and heart working together to succeed.

8. Do the things that make you proud and don't worry what other people think.
What other people think is none of your concern. Don't waste time worrying about others. Life is here for us to make it all we can and for us to lead in ways we can be proud of.

9. Make decisions swiftly and take action immediately.
There is a big difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. The best leaders and the most successful businesses make swift decisions and act upon their thinking immediately. All that we know, all that we can do, is useless unless we take action.

10. Make time to think and spend time reflecting.
Make time for silence. Use that time to reflect, revise, and reform. With quiet time you can hear your thoughts, unlike when there's lots of noise in your head. When you make time to reflect, you are making time to map out your next steps.

11. Always ask lots of questions and listen to the answers.
The greatest gift you can give yourself is to lead a life of asking questions. 

12. Excel at what you do and bring your best every time.
Bring the best to everything that you do--all your work, all your relationships, all your interactions. Your work will create your reputation and your reputation should be based on excellence.