It used to be that working collaboratively meant scheduling a conference room and sending around a memo telling everyone to meet up at a certain time.

Now your team may be spread across three continents, working from offices and hotel rooms and homes. While face-to-face contact is still the gold standard, it isn't always possible.

Here are some of the best apps for collaborating across time and space. Download a few and get going!

1. Workfrom:  Find a private or public place to work, meet, or have lunch or drinks in major cities around the world.

2. Slack: Bypass cumbersome email with messages and documents that users can share teamwide across platforms. Includes social media integration.

3. Trello: Project management based on a system of cards and project boards.

4. Dropbox: Access and share folders. Great for exchanging large files, collaborative work, and backups.

5. Evernote: A robust and hugely popular notebook and productivity program that functions as a paperless office. Integrates well with productivity systems based on Getting Things Done.

6. Meldium: Password management for teams. A central website lets members give others access to the information they need without sharing passwords.

7: Hackpad: Collaborative documents that allow people to work together in real time.

8. Draft: Collaborative writing tool allowing teams to write, edit, and explore documents together.

9. Sunrise: Calendar and planner that integrates to popular apps like Facebook, Evernote, and Trello.

10. Skitch: Evernote app that lets you annotate documents and images by adding arrows, text, and other information to screenshots and images.

11. Zapier: Automates all kinds of processes, from Slack bots to auto-tweets.

12. iDoneThis: Prompts each member of your team via email to record the day's activities, and then compiles responses into a digest and distributes it teamwide.

13. Asana: Fosters collaboration and productivity with tools for organizing tasks, assigning responsibilities, and maintaining goals.

14. GoToMeeting: Simple connectivity for video conferencing.

15. iMeet: Combines video and audio calls with document sharing.

16: yaM: Stands for "yet another meeting." Streamlines planning, scheduling, and note taking for virtual and face-to-face meetings.

17. Box: Enterprise-friendly file sharing and collaboration.

18: Momentum: A personal dashboard that displays everything you need to get motivated, stay on track, and accomplish your goals.

19. Yugma: Web conferencing with shared desktops and files.

20. Pocket: Helps keep you focused by allowing you to save articles to read offline when you have some downtime.

21. Focus@Will: Streams background working music to foster concentration and attention span, using principles of neuroscience.

22. Boomerang: Scheduled email sending and reminder service.

23. Buffer: Social media management that supports variable schedules. Allows optimized posting with advance scheduling.

24. Hootsuite: Popular social media management dashboard.

25. 1Password: Team-oriented password management and security.

26. Docady: Converts your camera-equipped smartphone into a scanner.

27. PandaDoc: A comprehensive solution that allows you to create, deliver, and electronically sign proposals and other documents.

28. Solo: Project management, time tracking, invoicing, and other business functions for freelancers.

29. Rescue Time: Individual dashboard and analytics to help team members maximize their use of time.

30. Every Time Zone: An easy-to-use reference to coordinate scheduling for those with teams spread across the country or world.

31. World Time Buddy: Time zone reference with great coverage of areas outside major cities.

32. Wunderlist: Tracking and scheduling program for to-dos and other lists.