The point of being productive, organized, and efficient isn't to add even more tasks to your to-do list. The point is to create more time for yourself.

We've all experienced a task that takes all afternoon but really only requires a few minutes. A simple effective system that gets you started and finished efficiently lets you welcome more time for the things you enjoy most.

The idea is not to do more, but to do what you need to do, and then stop. Remember, success doesn't come to those who do the most but to those who do what they need to do and do it well.

If you don't already have a good system of task management, now's the time to get one. You'll be able to individualize it as you go, and you can take advantage of a host of smartphone apps and websites if you like organizing things electronically.

Here are the basics:

WHO is responsible for getting the task done? Are you responsible? Is it something you need to do yourself, or can it be delegated? Sometimes you can outsource a task that would take you four times as long to do yourself, so be smart when answering this question.

WHAT does this task entail? Capture all the data and information you need to complete the task. Make sure you know the parameters, and determine what constructive thinking you can apply to it.

HOW will it be completed? Sketch out the process you need to follow. How will you keep yourself focused?

WHEN does this task need to be completed? Develop a timeline and think about the points where you may need to give things an extra push.

WHY are you doing this task? Connect to your motivation to get the task or project done. What good will it do? What opportunities are there?

When things are getting done, there tends to be a natural flow of creative energy. Once you have completed what you need to do, take some time to do the things you love. Take a nap, read a book, sit in the park, take a walk. You've earned it!