No matter what position you have, leadership skills are valuable. Smart people know that to survive you have to lead, even if you don't have the title (yet). The truth is, during the span of your career, you will not always have the title, but if you learn and acquire the following skills, they should give your leadership career the jump start it needs:

Cultivate a great mindset.

Having a good attitude is a great skill. If you can show enthusiasm and positivity no matter what your job is, people will notice. On any given day, many things can go wrong, but it's the person who stays above the fray that is appreciated and respected.

Consistently be supportive.

When it comes to showcasing your inner leadership, teamwork is essential. if you insist on having your own way or controlling others, your career will run into a wall. The people who are supportive, adding value, always looking to serve others, those are the leaders who are indispensable. Always try to have the attitude of, "What can I do for you?"

Learn to be flexible.

If you want to stand out, make a great impression and work to become a person who is agile and flexible. It's often the stubborn individuals who cost themselves advancement. If you want to succeed, be influential, but learn to be flexible.

Let people know they can count on you.

When people know you are accountable, it will give you credibility. When they know you stand by others, they respect you. Letting others know you trust them and showing them they can trust you back makes for a very impressive reputation.

Be the creative one.

In your current position, what process can be improved? What best practice can be tweaked? What can you do to make things easier for your customers or clients? Use your creativity to continuously improve processes, and you will always stand out.

Give credit where credit is due.

How many times have you seen your colleague or peers, or even your boss, taking the credit when the credit wasn't theirs to be taken? The way to stand out is to stand together, to acknowledge others for their contribution, and give credit where credit is due. The way to be striking is to shine the light on others.

If you start cultivating your leadership skills, moving up will be much easier. If you focus on being supportive, having a great attitude, being flexible and creative, and letting people know they can count on you, it will become much much easier for others to see you as a leader, no matter what your current position is.