We often think that people are just born with natural great leadership skills. But of course that's a myth--the truly inspirational leaders are the ones who are constantly working for self -development and self-improvement. It's a learning process that is never-ending, and it comes with the understanding that it's not about the destination but the journey of leadership that matters.

To be an inspirational business leader, set your motto to be "How can we raise each other up?" Then keep that focus throughout the day, with these principles to guide you.

1. People skills make a difference. As a leader, you may have technical skills that will get your foot in the door--but it will be your people skills that will open those doors. Many leaders are great at what they know. They are smart with information and brilliant when it comes to making decisions, but it's hard to be inspiring unless you also have great interpersonal skills. The importance of solid people skills transcends industry and profession; so, whether you lead people, aspire to lead people, or work within a team of professionals, you need to apply people skills to achieve inspirational leadership

2. Credibility matters. It doesn't matter what role or position you have; if you want to be an inspiring leader, you must begin by earning credibility. And earning credibility takes time, patience, and consistency. The root of the word "credibility" is "credo," which means "I believe" in Latin. it means that people believe in you. when they believe in you. Put simply, credibility is the feeling of trust and respect that you inspire in others. As a leader, you establish credibility when you demonstrate honesty and integrity.

3. Authenticity is key. If you are looking to be an inspiring leader, it is important to be an authentic leader. Authentic leaders are ethical leaders. They've identified their ethical codes, and they never compromise on what they believe to be right and wrong. Authentic leaders are inspiring because they know who they are and they don't let anyone keep them from making a decision that they know is right. They have integrity and a firm moral code, and they manage to stay sensible and stable even during the most difficult times.

4. Emotional intelligence rules. We know it's important for every leader to be smart and have the intellectual capacity for leadership, but if you want to be inspiring you need to begin developing a high degree of emotional intelligence. We all have different personalities, different wants and needs, and different ways of showing our emotions. Navigating through all these feelings takes tact and cleverness--especially if we hope to be the inspiring leader we want to be. This is where emotional intelligence comes in. Leaders who know themselves well are generally also able to sense the emotional needs of others--and because they are, their leadership is solid.

5. Motivation inspires. Great inspiring leaders know how to motivate people. They have a positive outlook; they're excited about what they are doing and they know they're investing their time in something that is truly worthwhile. If you can motivate your people, they will enjoy their jobs more, they will more feel respected, and their performance will excel. That is why it's vital to keep your people energized and motivated.

6. Positivity goes a long way. Truly inspiring leaders are positive people; they have an attitude of positivity and they know what it takes to get not only through challenges but to also make it through the failures. Of course, with leadership there will always be challenges and problems--those are inevitable. But if you want to be truly inspirational, be a model of positivity.

If you're already in leadership, it's not that big a leap to make yourself an inspiring presence in the life of your people. Get started now and see what happens!