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The  most successful leaders have learned the mastery of anticipating business patterns, and finding opportunities in pressured situations, serving the people they lead and still having wildly successful results.

If you are wondering how they do it, here are seven things you must do automatically  if you are looking to get results.

1. Action expresses priority.

When you know what's important to you, you know how to take action. Say no to distractions and busywork, and yes to things that keep you focused and help you grow.

2. Differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

You likely know your strengths already--but if not, start assessing them now. They will differentiate you from the rest of the pack, allowing you to create a clear direction and move forward to produce results.

3. It is the most tenacious that never give up.

Perseverance is part of every great success story. As Steve Jobs said,  "I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance." If something isn't going well, keep at it.

4. Decide. Commit. Succeed. 

If something is going to get done, it is ultimately up to you. Even the things you delegate can be handled in a way that hands along a commitment and not just the task. The little choices you make every day lead to the final results you are working toward.

5. Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

Whether you're failing or succeeding, there are lessons all around you--if you pay attention and keep your mind open. The best leaders I have gotten to know aren't just the boldest thinkers; they are the most insatiable learners.

6. There is no substitute for clear and decisive direction.

Decisiveness is often the art of timely action. Waffling and second-guessing do nothing but waste time. By all means, plan, analyze, and be thoughtful and intentional about what you do--but when the moment comes to make a decision, make it firmly. Don't look back or second-guess yourself.

7. You matter.

The most successful leaders know if they will ever hope to be effective leaders of others, they will need to first be able to take care of themselves.  Getting results isn't always about working hard on your current enterprise. It's just as important that you take care of yourself. 

As with any successful venture, the best way to begin is to focus on the fundamentals. Start today to incorporate these key principles into your enterprise--and your life--and see what results you get.