What happens when you find an ongoing problem and start brainstorming the solution?

Well, maybe you stumble upon a brilliant startup.  And that's what happened with ResearchConnection, a searchable platform for finding thought-leaders in academia.

Their mission is to allow research to be open and scholars to be accessible to the world at large. They spread knowledge and expertise to those who are seeking solutions to the world's biggest problems, and to students striving to become the next generation of great thinkers and doers.  

They are doing good in the world, and they've managed to grow a great business with that goal.  Here are 7 ways their mission is making them successful.

1.  When a company's drive is about social impact, there's more energy internally. Social impact is about helping people work together for the greater good. "It's just a different way to think and talk about a product and a company, and it makes it even more exciting to work long days and tackle bigger projects," says Ariel Katz, CEO.  "When you know you are helping people, you are inspired."

2. Magic happens when what you are doing resonates with people.  A great company understands, that it's not only about making a good product, but that your product and your mission have to speak to the hearts of users.  It's one thing to buy or sign-up, but it's another thing to join to join a movement and effect positive change.  Students, researchers, and the public really believe in what Research Connection is doing for academia, and it makes customers excited enough to spread the word.

3. When your mission is strong people trust you.  Trust begins when a company's mission is focused on making a brighter tomorrow.. Research Connection has been finding allies and partnerships coming out of the woodwork since they took a more vocal stance on how and who they're helping

4.  It's easier to raise initial capital.  Anyone can show numbers that look promising, but in the early stages of a company, investors know there is a lot speculation involved and unless you are doing something that is making a difference, people have a hard time moving on investments.  There are a plenty of investors out there who are looking for something to believe in, not just another quick buck.  Those are the ones who tend to really root for businesses with a cause and a story that hits home.

5. Money can be a distraction from success when there's no big picture.  Money is important, but making a difference is more important. "Some of our worst ideas and diversions came out of this pressure we felt early on to monetize what we were doing," says Kal Victor, CPO.  Research Connection found ways to grow itself when strategies started focusing on making a difference where the team and its target users saw real problems, rather than conform to the normal benchmarks of success.  

6. Knowing your values makes hard choices easier.  Values are the core principles that guide how we lead ourselves and our organizations. For many startups, choosing the next step is often the hardest thing because so many options seem great when you're looking forward.  Being an organization that is committed to strong values makes navigation simpler, easier, and more effective.  

7.  When you know what you're striving for, confidence comes easy.  Confidence doesn't always come naturally, but when your values and vision come together to create a strong mission, the rest all falls into place. Research Connection is leading the way by showing us that the desire to do good can be more than just a desire.  

Doing good pays off in dividends that are priceless.