When you're constantly multitasking and putting in long days--and who isn't?--the right apps can be a lifesaver. Once you hit on the combination that works for you, your personal and professional lives run more effectively. Suddenly you're less stressed and more productive.

Here are some top apps beloved by successful people:

1. Habit List: Keeps you on track as you break unhealthy and unproductive habits and create better ones.

2. Clear: A simple and elegant to-do list application.

3. Focus Booster: Time tracker based on the Pomodoro system. It helps you focus for specific amounts of time.

4. Humin Contacts: Simplifies adding, managing, and searching contacts.

5. Speaktoit Assistant: A virtual personal assistant that schedules meetings and reminders.

6. Appointment Plus: Robust scheduling for teams and organizations.

7. Any.do: To-do list with voice input and team syncing.

8. Workflow: Connects apps and actions to automate tasks and routines.

9. Evernote: Popular and powerful note-taking and collaboration app.

10.  Notational Velocity: Centralize your notes in a searchable notebook that syncs with Simplenote or WriteRoom.

11. Remember the Milk: To-do list manager that syncs across all your devices.

12. 1-3-5.com: Page-based planner that gives you a simple layout of things to get done in a day.

13. RescueTime: Helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.

14. Carrot: A tough-love to-do app that rewards productivity but gets cranky with you when you don't complete your tasks.

15. TaskRabbit: Connects you to well-vetted community-reviewed helpers for household tasks like moving, delivery, cleaning, and small repairs.

16. EasilyDo: Productivity app that combines mail, contacts, and calendars.

17. OmniFocus: A powerful to-do app that smoothly integrates work and personal tasks, contacts, and calendars.

18. TeuxDeux: Set your schedule and get to work while TeuxDeux keeps you organized. If you don't manage to get everything done, your unfinished to-dos will be rolled over to the next day automatically.

19. Skitch: Evernote app for document annotations.

20. Fuze: Online meetings and videoconferencing.

21. Letterspace: Letterspace doesn't distract you but provides a noise-free space to take notes cleanly and efficiently. Simple and powerful.

22. Toggl: Simple but comprehensive time tracking for individuals and groups.

23. Wunderlist: Individual and collaborative task management and scheduling.

24. Google Drive : File access and sharing with secure cloud storage.

25. Pocket: Instead of getting sidetracked on the internet, save posts to read later, on- or offline.

26. Dropbox: Dropbox is the predominant file-sharing service.

27. Expensify: Track and manage expenses. Scan receipts, tickets, and other relevant files, and submit expense reports from your phone.

28. Genius Scan: Converts your phone or tablet into a scanner for receipts and other documents; integrates with Dropbox and Expensify.

29. SignEasy: Sign documents and contracts wherever you are.

30. DocuSign: Simple and secure way to sign documents electronically and gather electronic signatures.

31. CamCard: Photoscan, save, and organize your collection of business cards.

32. Quickbooks GoPayment: Mobile credit card payments and processing.

33. 1Password: Generates secure passwords and fills them in via Safari and Google Chrome extensions.

34. Square: Mobile payment device plugs into smartphones and tablets for convenient credit card payments.

35. Zapier: Connect apps to automate tasks.

36. Docady: Searches for documents across all your apps.

37. Scanner Pro 6 by Readdle: Turns your phone into a scanner and image processor.

38. Intuit Mint: Financial management that spans checking, savings, investment, and retirement accounts. Includes expense tracking and bill paying.

39. People Per Hour: Connects freelancers and clients for projects in tech, creative fields, and business.

40. Fiverr: Wide-ranging service marketplace with fees starting at $5.

41. Wave Accounting: Financial services, including accounting, invoicing, and credit card payments.

42. InDinero: Bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and taxes for organizations.

43. LearnVest: Financial advice and personal financial planning.

44. FutureAdvisor: Financial portfolio management and review.

45. Slice: Shopping assistant that helps you check prices and availability, track incoming packages, access return information, and learn about recall notices.

46. GoodReader: Advanced PDF reader, editor, and markup utility.

47. Hemingway Editor:Flags typos, reports on readability, and suggests improvements in your writing.

48. Writefull: Writefull provides feedback on your writing by checking your text against databases of correct language.

49. Day One: Convenient and attractive journal app with syncing, photo imports, a passcode lock, a public publish option, and optional automated notes on things like weather and location.

50. Unroll.me: Identify and easily unsubscribe from email clutter.

51. Google Keep: To-dos and reminders with integrated notes and annotations.

52. Boomerang: Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders.

53. Sunrise Calendar: A free calendar app that works with Google, iCloud and Exchange calendars, and mail, plus integrates with major productivity apps.

54. Hootsuite: Easily schedule and share social media content.

55. Buffer: Social media management for individuals and teams.

56. Dlvr.it: The fastest way to find and share great content across your social networks.

57. Slack:Team messaging app with open and private channels.

58. Trello: Project management based on a system of cards and project boards.

59. Asana: Plan, organize, sync, and share your task list with your team, with updates in real time.

60. Coach Me: Proven ways to achieve your goals, get in shape, or learn a new skill.

61. Dark Sky: Detailed weather app with push notifications and other advanced features.

62. Around Me : Breaks down local options for eating, drinking, and services.

63. Wi-Fi Finder: Quickly and easily find free or paid Wi-Fi when you travel.

64. FlightTrack Pro: Flight status updates that you can organize and share with others. Works with itinerary planning apps such as TripIt.

65. Seatguru: Seat maps and recommendations for the most comfortable options in all kinds of aircraft configurations.

66. Concur: Travel and expense reporting for businesses.

67. WorldMate: Comprehensive travel information and services, including itineraries built from confirmation emails, flight-delay alerts with recommended options, and hotel recommendations.

68. Sleep Cycle: Uses your smartphone's accelerometer to track your sleep cycles and report on your sleep quality; includes an alarm that will wake you during a time of light sleep.

69. Headspace: Described as a gym membership for the mind; provides a course of guided meditation.

70. Stop, Breathe & Think: A simple tool with various types and lengths of guided meditations.

71. Breather: Helps you find private places to meet and relax in various locations.

72. LunchMeet: LunchMeet allows for meaningful, face-to-face networking wherever you are, whenever you are available.

73. Coffee Break: Shuts down your screens temporarily so you can take a break.

74. Grip: Simple networking tool to meet interesting professionals.

75. Anti-Social: Timed social network blocker for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Reddit, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, and all standard Web email programs.

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