As leaders, we all want to know that we're making a difference, but most of us have to work at overcoming the lesser instincts of the day-to-day.

Here are some things you can do today to begin living your most compelling life:

1. Be bold.

Dare to instigate! Take chances, create opportunities, make things happen. Risk greatness.

2. Find your unique self and wear it like a badge of honor.

Turn your back on conformity. Figure out what makes you different, and then embrace it. The world needs what you have.

3. Conquer the unknown.

Try something new, and don't cringe at fear. Leaving the safe and ordinary is the only way to get to the extraordinary.

4. Be inclusive.

The solitary hero is a myth; your allies are your greatest strength. Those who pride themselves on self-reliance have no safety net, and living a one-dimensional story is pretty limiting.

5. Be confident (but not arrogant).

Show your self-assurance. Confidence gives voice to your gifts.

6. Be generous with everyone you meet.

Generosity isn't just about money. Make introductions, teach what you know, reach out, send a text, share everything you can.

7. Never miss an opportunity to give a compliment.

A sincere compliment is among the greatest of gifts. If you admire someone, if someone does something extraordinary (or something ordinary very well), if something goes right, then say so--in public, if possible.

8. Say no so you can say yes.

Not everything that comes along is worthwhile, and not every opportunity is right for you. Say no to the things that drag you down to make room for what matters most to you.

9. Practice humility.

When you're sincerely humble in your heart and mind, the connections you make with others take on a different tone. Ask questions, listen, stay open, and remember you don't know everything.

10. Stand for something.

Leave no room for doubt about your passion for the people, places, and principles that are dear to you. A compelling purpose is a cause worth sharing.

Above all, to become the most compelling version of yourself, look within to find the heart of all that matters to you. Then go live it.