One of the greatest tragedies of our professional and personal lives happens when we fail to believe in ourselves.

Whether it's self-limiting beliefs, a lack of confidence, fear of doing well--whatever the cause, it holds us back.

It happens when we say, I can't... or I will never be... or I will always be....

Sometimes it's a reflection of past mistakes, and sometimes it's a fear of present challenges.

Whatever the cause, whatever the expression, you can change it only with the realization that the you are the only one who can make things happen for yourself. It takes belief in yourself to turn it around.

Here's what believing in yourself looks like:

1. You choose yourself. You respect your true self and treat yourself well. You give yourself what you need. You step up in strength, and if you're not successful the first time you learn and you keep trying.

2. You embrace the impossible. Focus on solutions, not problems, on what you can do, not your limits. When you embrace the impossible, the possible happens.

3. You know the value of tenacity. You're tenacious in everything you attempt. Through false starts and failures and obstacles, you give whatever it takes and, above all, you keep going.

4. You trust your inner wisdom. You listen to those around you and take their ideas into consideration, but the voice you have the most faith in is your own internal voice. You've worked hard to develop good judgment and now you're not afraid to exercise it.

5. You're goal-driven. You don't work without purpose. You build an understanding of exactly what you want, and you use goal-setting as part of a deliberate strategy to achieve it.

5. You empower yourself to act. There's no excuses, no hesitation, no second-guessing. When an opportunity opens up, you go for it.

6. You leverage your motivation. You understand what keeps you motivated, and you daily devote time and energy to stay connected to that motivation.

7. You keep up your momentum. Big leaps and long pauses are no way to get where you're going. Momentum requires constant action. That means taking small constant steps toward your goals, and understanding the value of incremental progress.

8. You're fully committed. Your sense of purpose is highly developed, and your dedication is unwavering. Essentially, you cut off all options that lead to anything less than achieving your goals.

Do whatever you need to do to develop these attributes. When you do, you'll be unstoppable, you will be unbeatable, and you will become invincible.