Intelligent thought is great. Analysis helps us answer questions. Education transmits knowledge and lets us learn from those who came before us. But they can only take us so far. To truly lead is to lead with love and follow your heart.

Here are 19 ways to make it happen.

1. Lead with authenticity.

Make sure your words and actions are always congruent.

2. Lead with character.

Do the right thing--not because you think others are watching, but because it's who you are. Build a reputation for delivering what you say you will do--and if possible, do even more.

3. Lead with awareness.

Get outside your mind and inside your heart, and ask yourself what you really want.

4. Lead with courage.

Make it a habit to do the things that you're afraid of doing, and to face the things that scare you.

5. Lead with wisdom.

Wisdom comes from living and leading, and knowledge comes from learning. Try to find wisdom in each experience.

6. Lead with focus.

Be selective in what you take on and finish what you begin with thoroughness, energy and resolve.

7. Lead with motivation.

Start by motivating yourself with whatever is needed to get the job done. You'll achieve more and inspire others.

8. Lead with collaboration.

To have influence, you have to delegate. Show respect for the talent of others and strengthen your work by bringing to the table as many voices as you can.

9. Lead with honesty.

Successful leadership is rooted in honesty--the best policy from the standpoint of leadership and business relations. Honesty begets honesty, and truth begets truth.

10. Lead with problem-solving.

Seek solutions rather than problems--then subject those solutions to hard work, action and accountability for results.

11. Lead with respect.

The respect you give does far more for you than the respect you receive. Give respect with a whole heart.

12. Lead with vision.

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible and the impossible. When you lead with vision you provide direction to others--the essence of leadership.

13. Lead with values.

Define your values clearly to yourself and keep them front and center in everything you do.

14. Lead with loyalty.

Stand by those who are working for what is right, even--especially--when things go wrong.

15. Lead with trust.

Trust comes from character and competence. When you lead with trust it brings you credibility, dependability and accountability.

16. Lead with integrity.

Your integrity is everything, so treat it with the greatest care. Make your words and behavior consistent and grounded in your values, and follow through on what you say and do.

17. Lead with humility.

When you can admit your mistakes and deflate your own balloon, you will have taken one of the most important steps on the road for success.

18. Lead with giving.

By giving you grow, and the deepest happiness comes from serving others.

19. Last but oh so very important! Lead with heart!

Your mind is a valuable tool, but it's the heart that always gives us what we need.

All of us have a deep reservoir of love that often lies buried and unused, and most of us don't ever think of bringing it to our leadership. But the heart of great leadership lies in the foundation of love.

Lead with Love: To have a truly successful life and leadership, we must love others and ourselves and we must listen to our heart and lead with love.