Building a business is rough, launching a startup is tough, running an organization is grueling, and leading a company is demanding--but what makes it bearable is having great people to support you, guide you, mentor you, and, on occasion, call you out.

Here are the four people every business needs to be successful.

The Leader

The leader is the person with the vision, the one who shows direction, the one who holds people accountable. Without a leader, there is no direction, and without direction, there can be no action. The leader establishes a direction, which sets the taskmaster in motion.

The Taskmaster

The taskmaster is the one who brings the vision to completion, the one who makes things happen. Even with the greatest leadership, if there is no taskmaster, nothing really gets done. The taskmaster provides support for the leader and serves the functions of completion and construction.

The Devil's Advocate

The devil's advocate is not necessarily adversarial or critical, but is the person who expresses a dissenting opinion to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments. You need someone who challenges you, who pushes you in a direction you might never have thought of taking.

The Spectator

The spectator provides perspective and insight, acting as your advocate, adviser, protector, and supporter and inviting thoughts and ideas for reflection. This role is often filled by a coach, mentor, or elder--someone with wisdom and experience who can help with hard decisions.

These four people provide your business with direction and energy, momentum and connection, correction and elaboration, reflection and openness.

Do you have these four people in your business? If not, whom can you get to fill those roles for you?

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