There is a troubling statistic that within 3 years, 92 percent of all startups fail. They fail because they don't have the right team.

At ResearchConnection, this brilliant startup decided to do it differently.

Like with every startup, the company began with an idea. The idea stemmed from a problem the founders experienced themselves. As college students, they were grappling to find out what research was happening at their university; they couldn't get a position in research, while the researchers couldn't find the ideal students for their research labs. This problem was occurring all over the country.

ResearchConnection decided not to become a statistic but to do it right. That would mean they would focus on building the startup dream team.

Here are the six team members at ResearchConnection who are making sure their brilliant startup is extremely successful.

1. The Dreamer--Ariel Katz, CEO

Before anyone believes in your idea, you need to believe in it first. Every successful startup needs someone that will continue to believe in the idea regardless of how many people say it will fail. Someone who can bring drive, inspiration, and excitement in everyday at work.

2. The Visionary--Kalman Victor, CPO

For your startup to succeed you need someone who can pinpoint problems and articulate their solutions. Every company encounters roadblocks, but to keep your dream intact you need someone with a way with words, someone who can ground your mission in a path to success.

3. The Doer--Zachary Feuerstein, CTO

Once your team has the passion, it has to be built. That is where the doer comes into play. This is the person who can make ideas real. They have the expertise and diligence to see a project through from foundation to completion.

4. The Innovator--Zachary Lite, VP of Product Engineering

A world-class talent transforms the team from an average startup to one destined to turn heads and make an impact. They have a keen intuition and the skill to match--a strong talent can innovate and execute, with good tastes and a mind for originality.

5. The Taskmaster-Avery Teplow, Director of Growth

Alongside the doer comes the taskmaster, who is an expert at organizing and delegating, always willing and able to dispatch tasks efficiently and effectively. They are able to build and structure a culture of success, hard work, and progress that every company needs.

6. The Connector--Andrew Aryeh Director of Business Development

All startups require the team to foster a network of crucial contacts and connections, and to be able to build relationships with customers, investors, and advisors. This role used to be called a businessman, but for startups it is The Connector.

Continue to follow the story of the brilliant start up ResearchConnection and learn about how this team made their ideas about revolutionizing the way students and researchers communicate and collaborate into a reality.