With all that we have going on in our lives, we tend to get caught up in distractions, disruptions, and diversions.

Most of the time we're so busy keeping up--or catching up--that we're barely aware of the way we're living our lives.

What if you can do something for an hour every day that would change your life--something that would give you the focus you want, the control you want, the determination you need?

Here is a simple practice that can do all that--seriously.

Give it a try for a few days and see what starts to happen. Then make it a daily practice and change your life forever.

Set an alarm on your watch or phone to go off at random times during the day. Every time the alarm goes off, challenge yourself to raise the bar. Stop, take a step back from whatever you were doing, and ask yourself how you can improve it.

If you're working on a project, ask yourself how can you streamline the process.

If you're having a conversation, try to go deeper.

If you're working out, work out harder.

If you're willing to devote an hour a day, the simple act of challenging yourself to go deeper to work harder will end up changing your life forever. Here are a few of the most significant ways:

1. It will give you more confidence. Confidence comes from facing challenges and beating them. When you spur yourself to work harder and produce more, it actually makes you more confident. Confidence comes when you do something better than you did it before. And, along with belief, it's what you most need to succeed in life. Take your confidence and own it.

2. It will push you past your limits. Our limits are often only what we set upon ourselves--the business we never started, the idea we never put into a plan, the partnership we never collaborated on. These are limitations we have created. But when you can push yourself past a limitation once, you will break it for good.

3. It will make you more focused. If you FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful), you will succeed. When you learn to truly focus your attention, your perceptions change; your focus determines your reality. Once in a while, when your alarm goes off, ask yourself what task can you take off your to-do list, and then make a call or complete a chore you've been putting off.

4. It will open you up to new experiences. The most common regret people have is that they didn't do something because they were afraid. For some alarms, challenge yourself to try something new or to do something a different way. When you experience something new, you learn something new.

5. It will earn you respect. When you go above and beyond what everyone else is doing, you automatically stand out--especially if what you do has quality, meaning, and impact.

6. It will help you find meaning. When you connect with your work, you connect with the passion behind it--and that connection will infuse everything you do with new meaning.

What can it hurt?

Take this small challenge for a day. Who knows? It just might change your life forever.