It's inevitable that all of us are going to experience some tough times, and that all of us are going to be hard one time or another, the most important thing about making through these difficult times is how we approach it.

Here is what we need to know and what do and what think when tough times hit us hard.

1. Keep things in perspective: It's easy when times are tough to blow our problems out of portion, and lose perspective of our reality. Sometimes because we allow our problems to get too big we grow fearful and become paralyzed from making decisions or from moving forward to make changes that will help our situation Be careful not to let fear stop you from doing what you need to do. Acknowledge your fear and deal with it. Focus on what you can do, and pay attention to doing daily small tasks. concentrate on just doing the next things, even if its small, don't think of the future, just think of now, this moment and know that its okay to focus on now and nothing else the next thing will happen if you take small actions now.

2. Worry won't make it better: Worry won't make it better it won't make easier, just because you're afraid, doesn't mean can't be brave, just because its tough right now doesn't mean you can't be strong. Just because you think you might fail, doesn't mean you will. now is the time to look beyond your fears and self -doubt and keep moving beyond the worry, and face yourself and your deepest fears, now is the time to not give up. You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as capable as you have ever imagined.

3. Experience will make you stronger: Experience is one of the most valuable commodities you can have. No one else has the same experiences as you, they are what makes you, you. Your experience builds strength in you and new experiences help you to grow. sometimes our experiences and they can be difficult but we each have within us to know that what doesn't break us makes us stronger. what makes us stronger makes us more confident in the future.

4. Keep positive thoughts in a negative mind. When things are hard and times are tough, you need to learn to protect your mind, you cannot allow our mind to spiral out of control and become all negative, it's so easy to go there and to stay there. and not leave there. If you're not careful your negative thoughts can only lead you to even more negative places and so we must learn to protect our mind and start to think of things that are more positive. because you cannot go positive when you are all about being negative.

5. life isn't easy but it is worth it: anything worth fighting for doesn't come easy. Achieving anything worthwhile in life takes effort. we have to do better today than we did yesterday. Above all, we must always make sure that we are properly align our efforts with your goals and we are aligning our goals with our actions, this won't be easy but it will be definitely worth it.

6. This too shall pass. We have to remember, this situation will NOT last forever and it would be best to acknowledge that that our hard times might seem really dark at the moment, but this will not last forever, what is most important to remember that we must pass through this to make it to the other side.