If you need justification for your afternoon fix of Iron Maiden tunes, here it is: The music industry claims it makes you more productive.

U.K. music licensing companies PPL and PRS for Music commissioned research company Vision Critical to see exactly how music affects the workplace. The company surveyed over 1,000 small- to medium-sized businesses across a range of industries and found that 77% of respondents said playing music increases their overall morale at work and brightens the office atmosphere.

You might assume such a survey would be self-serving, but the companies behind it insist it isn't. “We genuinely believe music is good to have in your everyday life,” Christine Geissmar, director of operations at PPL told Bloomberg Businessweek

Other surveys positively tying music to work have immerged in the last month as well. According to a study conducted by online music service Songza, specific songs evoke certain emotions at the work place. For example, 50% of Songza’s users find they get more work done when listening to Maroon 5’s fast-paced single Moves Like Jagger, while 42% credit Gotye’s more mellow Somebody I Used To Know for their morning motivation.

''Regardless of the genre, music has long been an integral part of American culture,” Elias Roman, Songza CEO said in an interview with Contactmusic.com.

So go ahead, let your employees rock on.