Amid increased scrutiny over how Facebook will conquer the challenge of monetizing its mobile experience, the company will soon lose the executive who has been overseeing that part of the business.

According to an AllThingsD interview, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor plans to leave the social networking company this summer in order to pursue a yet-to-be-determined start-up venture. Taylor joined the company when Facebook acquired his start-up FriendFeed in 2009. Facebook execs Mike Vernal and Cory Ondreijka will share his duties when he departs. Vernal and Ondreijka worked under Taylor in the platform and mobile divisions of the company for four and two years, respectively.

AllThingsD suggests that while qualified, Vernal and Ondreijka will have large shoes to fill, as Taylor was also an important presence for Facebook's media relations arm--most recently representing the company at Apple's worldwide developers conference to announce iOS integration. Taylor said in an interview that he knows his departure will be scrutinized but that he has always been forthright with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about his future endeavors.

"I had always been upfront with Mark that I eventually wanted to do another start-up," he said. "And we felt now is the best time after the IPO and the launch of some recent things for me to do that."

Prior to founding FriendFeed, Taylor worked at Google. Looking back on his stacked resume, he cites his time at Facebook as the most rewarding, saying that while the media hype post-IPO has been a learning curve for the company, his departure is a natural progession that won't hinder the Facebook.

"Cross-pollination among companies is what drives so much of innovation, so I would not project a lot onto this event," Taylor told AllThingsD of his departure. "I am really confident that the mobile and platform leaders at Facebook can deliver what needs to be done."