In a move away from its daily deals business, LivingSocial is turning toward e-commerce. Coming soon to online shoppers: an exclusive, high-fashion clothing line designed by Isaac Mizrahi and inspired by... cars.

The clothing line is part of a push to promote LivingSocial's new online store-front. The former Liz Claiborne creative director turned high-end fashion designer Mizrahi will team up with Chevrolet to sell the line exclusively through the LivingSocial Shop for the next three months.

The muse behind the “Malibu Style” line was the Chevy Malibu, which will also get some airtime in a number of Time Warner-backed ads with Mizrahi behind the wheel.

“My career has been thrust in the direction of demystifying style for women,” Mizrahi told AdWeek of the line. “One of the things I was inspired by was a blue light that emanates from the dashboard. It’s just sexy.”

According to AdWeek, LivingSocial offers the ideal demographic for Mizrahi's line, as 64% of LivingSocial subscribers are women. Of LivingSocial’s 60 million members, 36% report they earn more than $100,000 a year.

Traditionally a deal site featuring yoga and massage packages for shoppers, the presence of the online storefront and new exclusive fashion line suggests the company may be trying to distinguish itself from similar daily deal sites like Groupon--especially as the latter garners negative press

“These are women with disposable income,” Mitch Spolan, VP of national sales at LivingSocial, told AdWeek of the site’s subscribers. “Malibu Style is a perfect match for Shop.”