Just in time for the Summer Olympic Games, tennis star Serena Williams served one start-up an ace.

According to a Forbes article, Williams just became the latest celebrity to invest in the photo and video sharing service Mobli. The start-up already boasts backing from a-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey McGuire, and Lance Armstrong, who also sits on the company's board. Fresh off her victory at Wimbledon, Williams, who has more than 3 million Twitter followers, could give Mobli some timely visibility during the Olympics, Forbes says.

DiCaprio led Mobli’s recent $4 million funding round, but the size of the celebs' specific investments is unknown. Founder Moshiko Hogeg hopes that the growing celebrity presence on the site will entice users to join and engage.

“We’re trying to build a platform that eventually will give you eyes everywhere,” Hogeg told Forbes.

Israeli-native Hogeg started Mobli in 2010 after attending a concert and wanting to see photos and videos that other attendees had taken--especially those with better seats. He created Mobli as a real-time visual feed, giving people a way to see the world through others' eyes. 

So far, Williams’ feed includes her latest nail color and the stuffed animals she brought with her to London. However, once the games get under way, presumably she will post photos and videos from the event for fans to see. Mobli has already launched an Olympics 2012 channel.

Hogeg hopes one day for the site become something of a visual version of Google, he told Forbes.