Best Buy has been sending its smartly dressed Geek Squad out on IT house calls for 17 years. But this year, the company is finally getting serious about deploying those geeks to small businesses.

The company, in partnership with Verizon, announced Wednesday that it would offer tech support to small- and mid-sized businesses. The program will offer an a la carte menu of IT options and solutions, as well as hardware and software.

“We want to break it down so [small- and mid-sized businesses] are paying for what they need when they need it,” Sorangel Bores-Canigiani, manager of Product Marketing and Development for Medium Business Solutions for Verizon, says.

Bores-Canigiani explained that with the IT Help Desk, businesses (including those who do not already subscribe to Verizon services) can access specific tech services for specific employees, rather than pay for an entire IT package that will fulfill some business needs and disregard others. The basic service, which will cost $15 per user per month, includes hardware and software support for PCs and Macs only. For $25 per user per month, the premium service offers additional support for mobile devices and tablets as well as back-up services and unlimited Geek Squad assistance. Businesses can also pay for Verizon to administer servers remotely ($135 per server, per month), manage the company’s network remotely ($90 per device per month), or provide remote professional services (price will vary depending on the need, but Bores-Canigiani claims it will be “very cost effective”).

The partnership will allow Best Buy the ability to tap Verizon's client base of small- and mid-sized businesses--a market Geek Squad representative Brad Howe says the company is keen to enter. With over 20,000 active Geek Squad technicians, the company promises tech support will be available 24/7, year round.