If you’re looking to recruit recent college grads, you might be up against some stiff competition. Especially when the No. 1 most appealing company offers catered lunches, yoga on demand, and a plethora of cozy couches to snooze on.

According to the annual American Student Survey by Universum, an employer branding firm, Google tops the list of desirable companies for recent college graduates who majored in business for the fourth year in a row. 

The study, which was conducted from November 2011 to March 2012, surveyed 59,643 respondents at 318 universities across the country. Google was in the top 10 for all areas of study, including business, IT, natural sciences, and humanities/liberal arts. The Silicon Valley powerhouse ranked first among business and IT students, as well as M.B.A. students surveyed separately.

Apple ranked second in general overall appeal, yet other Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon appeared lower on the lists.

A similar trend held true for 5,748 M.B.A. students surveyed at 72 leading business schools. M.B.A. students also ranked highly financial consulting firms such as Bain, McKinsey, and Boston Consulting Group.

"They’re interested in the 'me brand,' and they are more concerned about their employability," Joao Araujo of Universum told Bloomberg Businessweek. "They want a company with a good reputation. They want to say they work for a 'cool' company."

Even so, new graduates will likely prioritize job security and growth opportunities as they enter the workforce. So, take heart, small businesses: An on-staff yoga instructor may not be required--yet.