Independent inventors and small businesses that need help conducting patent searches or finding information on the best ways to market, finance, and license an invention can now turn to three Invention Information Resource Centers.

Located in Atlanta, Boston, and Sunnyvale, Calif., the resource centers were set up with assistance from the Office of Energy-Related Inventions of the National Bureau of Standards. They provide both inventors and small companies with such services as:

* instruction in performing patent searches;

* referral to government agencies offering assistance to independent inventors and small companies;

* information about local, regional, and national inventors' groups;

* workshops on inventions and patents;

* books and pamphlets dealing with inventions, patents, marketing, and licensing.

For information, contact Richard Leacy, Special Collections Department, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332, (404) 894-4519; or Suzanne Gray, Science Reference Department, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA 02117, (617) 536-5400, ext. 265; or Mary-Jo DiMuccio, Sunnyvale Patent Information Clearinghouse, 1500 Partridge Ave., Bldg. 7, Sunnyvale, CA 94087, (408) 738-5588.