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Air Florida System AIRL

Amarco Resources AMAR

Andersen 2000 ANDN

Bio-Medical Sciences BMSC

Cado Systems CADO

Commodore CCT


Cray Research CYR


Dysan DYSN

Electro-Biology EBII

Flight Transportation FTCC

Gulf Energy GFEC

Health Extension Services HELP

Heritage Communications HCOM

Hurco Manufacturing HURC

Intelligent Systems INTS

Inter-tel INTL

Interface Mechanisms INTR

Key Pharmaceuticals KPH

Matrix MAX


Minnetonka MINL


Network Systems NSCO

Newport Pharmaceuticals Int'l NWPH

Nuclear Pharmacy NURX

Nutri/System NUTR

Pacer Technology & Resources PTRI

Paradyne PDN

Petroleum Equipment Tools PTCO

Printronix PTNX

Quality Care QUCAC

Reeves Communications RVCC


Saxon Oil SAXO

Seal Fleet SEALA

Shopsmith SHOP

Sterling Oil of Oklahoma SOOK

Sterling Pipe & Supply PIPE

Swanton SWTN

Symbol Technologies SMBL

Tandem TNDM

Tandon TCOR


Texas Energies TXEN

Tomlinson Oil TLOC

Triad Systems TRSC

Due to last month's extensive coverage of the 1982 INC. 100 and its investment potential, this department did not appear. Just as well, perhaps, since the INC. Market Index fell to a new low 33% below where it began its existence in May 1981. But now it has recouped 9%, and finds itself in a three-way tie with two other smaller-company-oriented averages, the American Exchange Market Value Index and the NASDAQ Industrials. This resurgence was accomplished with a new roster of fast-growing companies, as anticipated when INC.'s proprietary average was introduced (see INC., September 1981, page 148). To be on the INC. Market Index, a corporation must have appeared on two consecutive INC. 100 compilations and must meet certain capitalization and trading criteria. Forty-eight of 1982's list qualified. Because the index is an unweighted percentage, the new index's monthly change was simply added to the collective change -- a somewhat biased maneuver, possibly, in that fresh growth has been injected while tired growth has been plucked out. But such pruning is necessary for the INC. "average" to retain its significance as a measure of how dynamic young companies are faring.