Burns Personnel Inc. in Rochester, N.Y., has a new sales training program -- with no trainers. The coaches for the four-person sales force are computers at Control Data Corp.'s Learning Center in Rochester.

The Rochester center is one of 115 facilities run by Minneapolis-based Control Data Corp. that provide computer-based instruction for managers and other employees. Burns Personnel's salespeople each took about 12 to 15 hours to complete "Selling: The Psychological Approach," a $235 course that covers all the basic selling principles.

"The course doesn't overpower you," says Bob Burns, the personnel firm's president, who decided to enroll along with his employees. "You can take it in bite sizes and progress at your own pace, as the computer prompts you along."

Courses, which range in price from about $50 to $250, cover a variety of subjects, from accounts receivable to managing your own time. Stephanie Stillman, senior personnel administrator for Systemp, a division of IMS Systems Corp. in New Brunswick, N.J., took an introduction to data-processing management in order to understand more about the computer-related jobs she fills for the $3 million-a-year division."The course works if you're self-motivated and care about results," she says.

For more information on Control Data Learning Centers, check the white pages of the telephone directory. If there is no center or regional office in your area, write Marcia Appel, HQN11Y, Control Data Corp., Box 0, Minneapolis, MN 55440.