Reading Milton Stewart's "The President's Message: An Historic Event" (The Buck Stops Here, May), I was reminded how Washington scriptwriters never change. Observe the following quotes from Eisenhower's letters to the Committee on Small Business and Reagan's address to Congress regarding the state of small business.

Reagan: "This administration is committed to assuring unrestricted access for small business to all segments of our economy."

Eisenhower: "The scope of the Report's analysis and recommendations demonstrates that no constructive potential avenue of improvement -- either legislatie or executive -- is being overlooked in our search to widen the opportunities for small business in America."

Reagan: "It is hoped the report will establish a spirit of cooperation with Congress to assist us in jointly pursuing economic growth and prosperity through our mutual recognition of the importance of small business in America."

Eisenhower: "... I urge the committee to continue its studies of small business problems and keep its findings current in order that no opportunity will be neglected to strengthen this vital segment of the American economy."

Doubtless, 20 years from now someone will dust off Reagan's report and find similarities to the latest report on the state of the remaining handful of small businesses in America.