Businesspeople in need of minor surgery are increasingly using day surgery centers that don't require patients to spend the night.

At New York University Medical Center, the Day Surgery Center reports that a number of operations involve plastic surgery. Among the most frequent procedures are nasalplasties, commonly known as "nose jobs," eyelidplasties, breast augmentations, and temporal lifts -- mini face-lifts that raise the skin slightly at the temples.

"Mini face-lifts are most popular with businesspeople in their forties," says Donald Wood-Smith, associate professor of plastic surgery at New York University Medical Center. "They remove that tired, bedraggled look."

Plastic surgery, Wood-Smith adds, has lost the stigma it once had. "In 1960, ladies would pull up to the back door of my office in limousines with their faces veiled. Now we see people return to work with bandages on their noses. It's much more acceptable."

At New York University's Day Surgery Center, hospital costs for a patient having a nasalplasty run around $350, in contrast to the $1,700 hospital charge for an overnight stay.