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Entry by Editing Addressing Compatibility

Postal Service Document Excellent Location Everywhere

(with retyping) (address)

Telephone Voice None Location Everywhere

(phone #)

TWX/Telex Keyboard Very limited Location Many businesses

Facsimile Document None Location Limited

Communicating Keyboard Excellent Location Very limited

word processor

Electronic mail Keyboard Moderate Individual Most terminals

or group

Voice Voice Very limited Individual Touch-tone

(synthesized) mail or group telephone


Speed Sending Signature

Postal Service Overnight to 3 days Mailbox Yes

Telephone 3-5 min. if Direct dial No

Connection made

TWX/Telex 2 min. Network no. No

Facsimile 30 sec., 3 min., or Direct dial Yes

6 min.

Communicating Few seconds if Direct dial No

word processor connection made

Electronic mail Few seconds Private phone Yes


Voice Few seconds Direct dial No

(synthesized) mail

Typical cost,

Filing brief message Other benefits

Postal Service File $ .20 Originals


Telephone No 1.31 Warm, interactive

TWX/Telex No .90 Legally binding

Facsimile No 1.20 Replica of original

Communicating Limited .60 Letter quality

word processor

Electronic mail No .50 Computer-based

Voice Limited 1.00 Hear voices

(synthesized) mail

Source: Walter E. Ulrich Consulting