Does the office of the future make you nervous? Maybe your secretary can reassure you. According to a survey by Kelly Services Inc., the temporary-help agency based in Troy, Mich., 64% of a sample of 527 temporary office workers said that they are "not worried at all" about the "electronic invasion" of the office. Of the other 36% who expressed worry, about one-third said they were most afraid of being displaced by machines, while another third were concerned about where to learn new skills.

Sixty-two percent of the sample said that they thought the role of the secretary will grow more important in the 1980s. A minority of the respondents (29%) indicated that they had been trained on word processing equipment, with another 8% saying they were being trained. Regionally, the West has the greatest proportion of respondents who have been trained in word processing (39%), while the Northeast has the smallest (21%).