Your commentary under the heading of "Insurance" (News & Trends, June) makes a slur on the insurance brokerage business.

Any broker with any account of any size must seek out the lowest possible quotation, regardless of commission terms. If he does not obtain the best terms for clients with even a few thousand dollars in premium, they are going to leave him promptly. There are over 35,000 licensed producers in the state of New York alone Do you really think that a broker is going to "hide" the facts from any client who has any knowledge of the business world whatsoever?.

On the other hand, it does not always pay to get the cheapest deal in town A track record with a good carrier for many years is worth more than a few years extra in premiums. There is going to be a severe crunch within the next year or so in the insurance industry. Those firms that have stayed with the same carrier and maintained a good relationship are going to benefit, while many of the shoppers are not going to be able to obtain coverage and will wind up paying exorbitant fees for practically nothing.