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O-T C Size Price

sym. Company Business/product ($ mil.)

EMCA Electronic Mall Electronic-mail service 5.00 6.25

ETCC Environmental Hazardous-waste 5.00 5.00

Testing management

(a) Executive Nat'l Dev. Real-estate 4.50 5.00


FMLY Family Entertainment Pizza restaurants 5.25 10.50

FMED Foster Medical Medical supplies 31.60 13.75

NFBC North Fork Bancorp Bank holding co. 10.50 17.50

VRES VICORP Restaurants Family restaurants 9.23 10.25


O-T-C aftermarket

sym. bid Underwriter

EMCA 6 1/4 D.H. Blair

ETCC 5 Allen & Co.

(a) 5 Executive Nat'l


FMLY 10 3/4 Alex. Brown; Mont-

gomery Securities

FMED 13 Shearson/American

NFBC 17 1/2 L.F. Rothschild

VRES 10 1/2 Shearson/American;



Initial public offerings sold at $1 or less not included. Issues without underwriters not included. First aftermarket bid is approximate. (a) ticker symbol not yet assigned.

Offering data sources: GOING PUBLIC: The IPO Reporter, 1528 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19102; The Institute for Econometric Research Inc., 347 N. Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306.