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O-T-C Size Price

sym. Company Business/product ( $ mil.)

ALTO Altos Computer Microsystem products 53.20 21.00


CLAB Custom Laboratories Film, slide processing 2.70 2.25

GNEX Genex Recombinant DNA 19.00 9.50


GOTT Gott Mfg. cooler chests 6.83 10.75

INCM Intecom Commun. switching 50.00 20.00


MMAC Merrimac Industries Mfg. signal 5.23 9.50


(a) Professional Data processing 0.80 5.00

Software services

PSYC Psych Systems Minicomputers 3.50 5.00

RODMY Rodime, PLC Rotary disk devices 8.00 8.00

TANO TANO Automation and control 4.76 9.25


TROUU Tround International Mining equipment 1.61 1.50 B, c


O-T-C aftermarket

sym. Company bid Underwriter

ALTO Altos Computer 29 1/2 L. F. Rothschild;

Systems Robertson, Colman

CLAB Custom Laboratories 2 1/2 Summit; Equity

GNEX Genex 9 First Boston Corp.

GOTT Gott 12 1/2 Stifel, Nicolaus

INCM Intecom 22 Lehman; Hambrecht

MMAC Merrimac Industries 9 1/2 Drexel Burnham

(a) Professional 8 Bunker Securities


PSYC Psych Systems 6 D. H. Blair

RODMY Rodime, PLC 8 Warburg Paribas

TANO TANO 9 1/4 A. G. Edwards & Sons

TROUU Tround International 5 3/8 Norbay Securities

Initial public offerings sold at $1 or less not included. Issues without underwriters not included. First aftermarket bid is approximate. (a) Ticker symbol not yet assigned. B best effort c units of 1 common +1 warrant. Offering data source: GOING PUBLIC: The IPO Reporter, 1528 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19102.