Recently I became aware of the unfortunate rating given to Indiana as a state that your magazine rates as inhospitable to small business. There were a number of specific requirements to qualify for affirmative consideration. Heavy emphasis seems to be given to two or three, such as a Governor's Small Business Advisory Council and a specifie legislative committee devoted to small business.

We do not have either of these bodies, but that does not mean that we have no mechanisms by which to pay heed to the needs of small business. For example, the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce, with which state government works extremely closely, has an Indiana Small Business Council. Why should we duplicate the effort at additional cost? Last year, by Executive Order, I created the Administrative Rules Oversight Commission because business in general and small business in particular had no easy way to voice complaints on unacceptable rules and regulations. This action was largely stimulated by pressure from the Indiana Small Business Council to provide such assistance. It is difficult to measure attitudes, but I did wish you to know that the Hoosier state believes itself to be quite hospitable to small business.