On average, the chief executive officer of an INC. 100 company spends 60 hours a week on the job; only 5% are able to get their work done in the standard 40-hour workweek. One, Konrad Ruckstuhl of SPM Group, labors 120 to 140 hours a week at his waste-recycling company, snatching "only a few hours" away from the business each year.

Few are as zealous as Ruckstuhl. Two out of three take at least one week off each year, if only for holidays and long weekends. If a CEO does get away on a planned basis, however, it is usually for about three weeks, often at a second home by a lake or the seaside, getting reacquainted with his or her spouse and family. Frank Reed Sr. of Alaska Diversified Resources Inc. heads for "somewhere warm."

"My business is my hobby and my mistress," admits Charles Haverty of Xonics Inc. But others are less single-minded, acknowledging, at least, outside hobbies -- most often skiing, golf, or travel.

Five are sportsmen. Harold Katz of Nutri/System Inc. is the owner of this year's NBA World Champion Philadelphia 76ers. Three others are involved in horse-breeding. Rudy Miller of Miller Technology & Communications Corp. is a member of a knife-throwing association, taking target practice with 15 inches of sharpened steel when he needs to unwind.