"I'll give you the truth about what motivates me. Money. I mean I love to see goals attained, sure, but I ain't going to kid you. My goal is to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I'm working my butt off to make money."

-- C. R. Michaels, Lomak Petroleum Inc.

"If you say you can build a better mousetrap, you'd better be able to deliver it. And you'd better make sure people need it."

-- Barry Bronfin, Scientific Leasing Inc.

"We have no organization chart. We get consistent results without a lot of controls. Frankly, I don't know how we do it. We just work everybody's ass off."

-- Franklin Bishop, Matrix Corp.

"If a public company has a hiccup, the whole world hears."

-- John R. Folkerth, Shopsmith Inc.

"I've never taken a full week's vacation in my life. Twice a year I can get away for a long weekend, but then all I want to do is sleep."

-- John Inda, Barton Valve Co.

"People work for money. If you want loyalty, buy a dog."

-- Harold Katz, Nutri/System Inc.

"Being the CEO is like being the commanding officer of an aircraft carrier. Drive that baby over the rocks, and you're the one who hangs."

-- Gary Zintgraff, Chemical Investors Inc.