If you think that the new-issues market has begun to resemble a truck caravan racing out of control, you might be interested in one of the more recent entries: Fox Marketing Inc., a leader in "the super-heterodyne radar detector industry."

And what, pray tell, is a super-heterodyne radar detector? Why, it's that gadget that lets you speed along, carefree, at 90 mph, alerting you whenever the "smokeys" are in range.

According to a recent press advisory, Fox and its parent company, ComGen Technology Inc., have entered the public arena with a stock offering. This "could make a very interesting story," the advisory continues. "The product line is certainly one that appeals to every reader."

Of course, the Securities and Exchange Commission frowns on articles intended to boost a public offering but maybe Fox has come up with a device that alerts a company when the SEC is in range.