You list as item #9, "Capture depreciation deductions by speeding up planned purchases of equipment." While this advice is generally sound from a tax-planning viewpoint, a comment made by Michael J. Costello may be misinterpreted by your readers. Mr. Costello states that an acquisition of property made in December is entitled to a "full six months' depreciation on that property." This is not to say that a taxpayer takes only one half of the Accelerated Cost Recovery allowance for the year of purchase. Rather, with certain limited exceptions, a taxpayer must take the entire Accelerated Cost Recovery allowance for the year in question. This amount, so computed by the magic of the Internal Revenue Code, will result in the six months' depreciation to which Mr. Costello refers. This is because the tables built into the Code are premised on the allowance of six months' depreciation in the year of purchase, regardless of the time during the year at which such property is purchased.